Ain’t that some SHHHHH—-T….

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I got a wonderful surprise  via the mailman today. I got served with custody papers, yee haa!!! So this woman must either be the most arrogant or the most ignorant person on earth, I’m not sure which. Either way her brass balls clank with the sound of thunder! She’d make Thor proud. The papers make claims that I haven’t attempted to see my daughter, etc. Most of the other allegations are true, but why???? The why is the root of all this. As I type this my wife is organizing almost a year’s worth of e-mails and a phone call journals that slam all her reasons why she should get more custody (and child support, don’t forget that). Sorry chic, we got our shit together, duh like you don’t know this.

Note the steaming pile to the left. That is what all this is, a bunch of crap! It’s not like we didn’t see this coming, I have experienced her inability to think rationally and her arrogance repeatedly in the past. Somehow it is still always surprising when M pulls another stunt. Let’s break it down, point by point. M claims in the paper work that I have not attempted to see B since December 24, 2010. Nope, sorry I did see her on the 27th of that month, and I have several e-mails proving that I attempted to see B throughout the month of January.

The second thing is that she says no one in my family including me even asked how B was doing over the last several months. I have an e-mail where she references the fact that my sister attempted to contact her . I also have multiple e-mails where I sent B messages asking how she was doing and telling her that I missed her and wanted to see her. In addition I have many e-mails that were never responded to that were addressed to both B and M.  I have a phone call log that shows the number of times I attempted to call M and she didn’t answer or never returned my calls.  I also have e-mails sent by my mother to B.

She goes on to state that I remarried and that I have a step child living in my home. My question is what am I to do with J? Put her in a box in the back yard or something? There is a good reason to modify custody! How damn stupid is that, honestly? I remarried, that is her issue, not B’s. It drags on saying that I haven’t seen or spoken to B in six months. Duh, neither of you will answer my calls or reply to texts or e-mails. B’s cell has been changed and I have been refused the number. Now tell me, how am I to see B if I am unable to make any type of contact with either of them? Lest we forget that I have not attended any school activities. If I don’t know what and when how am I supposed to attend? This goes back to neither of them being willing to communicate with me in any way. How is that my fault?
The great one was that my e-mails cause emotional distress for B. Now if your father saying that he loves and misses you caused you emotional distress there is a huge issue. That is what all my e-mails state, plain and simple. Every damn e-mail is about how much I love, miss and want to see B. M was carbon copied on several of them. How am I supposed to win with this kind of crap?  Ok, let’s review things here. My daughter’s phone number was changed, my ex refuses to answer her phone, neither answer e-mails, and both refuse any counseling. How am I supposed to make contact and have a normal relationship with my daughter or a working co-parent relationship with my ex?

Does this constitute me being a bad parent? I think not. What I think is that the actions of M were meant to cast a negative light on me as a father. What she didn’t count on is that I have kept track of all communications (or rather attempted communications) and have proof in writing of her failing to do what a normal person would. Any normal parent would foster the relationship with the other parent of the child. A normal parent would encourage, or force if needed the child into counseling when it is obviously in need.

Oh, joy I just got an answer to the e-mail I sent 11days ago to M. It basically said that B doesn’t want me to have her cell phone number (I have asked at least five times over two months)  and that I should call M’s cell phone (that she doesn’t answer) to contact B. It went on to say that B basically didn’t want to see me tomorrow night, etc. The bitchiness attitude wasn’t even concealed behind any type or attempt at civility. What bullshit all this is!

I do want to give huge thanks to my beautiful wife for sacrificing her day and sanity to get things ready for the attorney. She organized a stack of paperwork two inches deep as well as wrote out a counter claim/rebuttal that is eight pages long. Mel is the most wonderful woman that God ever created. For her to put so much time, energy,effort and emotion into this on my behalf means more than words can say. Again, I love you Baby.

By the way to those of you that read Mel’s blog as well, I have the same wonderful feature. So howdy and feel free to speak up and put in your two cents. I’d love to hear the comments.

In closing I’d like to ask for prayer for everything that is going on. I really need wisdom to deal with things, and Lord knows I need His help. For those of you that already are, thank you and they are having an effect.

  1. Carmen says:

    So glad you kept good records and sounds like you have a good attorney, (such a shame you need them). This is going out on a limb here, but it M sounds like the type of person I would guess hops from one major drama to another…because that is her to the core? It gripes me that such people so unhappy and insecure, fill their lives in this way for meaning and this time at the expense of you and B. That attitude and lifestyle is toxic for a teenage girl. She won’t change without Divine intervention, but with your attorney and good records I hope your situation changes tremendously – for the better of you and B!

  2. Mel says:

    D and I have talked about that for months (and he’s known it for years). She is ALL about the drama. B and M are really on the same emotional level. It doesn’t matter what is said, she turns it. M is constantly in an uproar with her family or back and forth on who she is talking to in her own family. It was also apparent when B visited that she enjoyed the drama with things going on with her own friends etc (very teenage/normal). The bad thing is – is that learning from M that drama is “ok” or acceptable or how to deal with people is just going to keep B at that teenage mentality level as she grows up, just like M. Picture one of those stage moms/tiara moms/the mom that was charged with the FB suicide for taunting the friend of her teenage daughter. VERY similar to M – if there’s no drama, it’s boring. Even when you “refuse” to bite, you still get pages of emails, and games. It’s frustrating to know that she is a legal adult.

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