As you all know, I have been a mess in anticipation of my visit  that was supposed to occur with B tonight. Well, it never happened. I attended a meeting with my attorney this morning and due to the fact that M filed all this paperwork the day after I demanded to see B and the recent communication, we both decided I should play it safe. Rather than have a meeting at the usual gas station, I was advised to have M drive to my parent’s house (5 mins. farther away, if that) so that there was no opportunity for  M to pull anything stupid and there was no alone time with B. It would cut things off with M and B would be surrounded by family that was welcoming and loving. Neither could cause any unwanted drama.

Unbeknownst to M, I sent the e-mail in reference to all this from the lawyer’s office and in her presence after she proof read it all. I was told exactly what to write. I also made a phone call in front of the Lawyer to let M know about the e-mail. The call was to make sure M got the e-mail as soon as possible and could make any arrangements. As if arrangements are needed for a five minute drive! Within an hour I got my response, and M refused to meet at my parents house. I then responded that I was sorry to hear that and that we would be there regardless if she changed her mind. I then received two more e-mails. One stating that she would meet me at the gas station as we discussed, than another stating that she and B were at the gas station and had been waiting for half an hour for me.
Now, my e-mail and subsequent message were dictated by an attorney and were very clear and concise. There was no way she thought I would be at the gas station after I clearly stated that I would not be, and why. This was a clear and blatant manipulation of B, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. A blind man could see what is going on here. This is just the latest of many on going incidences that are meant to make me the “bad guy” in B’s eyes. No matter what happened, I was going to be the bad parent in this deal. If I had been where she dictated that I should be, then I was forcing B to see me. As it played out, M took B to a location she knew I would not be at and surely made reference to the fact that I didn’t care enough to show up. What other reason was there for the two of them sitting in a parking lot for 30 mins.?

What we have here is a parent that is in obvious contempt of a standing court order (she has been for a very long time), and finally we are at a point that we may be able to do something about it. At this point, my attorney is reviewing all the information we took her to determine the best course of action. I have resigned myself to the fact that forcing B into an unwanted relationship with me will only further damage what relationship we have left. So what we are pursing is court ordered counseling for B and M being held accountable for her actions. Anything above and beyond that is in my lawyers hands and up to her judgement.

Last night both Mel and I got about two hours sleep. Once I decided to get out of bed, somewhere around 5am I was sick in the bathroom for several hours. The stress of this is tremendous and I am just wanting it to all stop. How do people enjoy and participate in this kind of drama? Now, my ex is not the sharpest tool in the shed, she is actually pretty damn close to trailer trash. Her mom lives in the projects, and all but one of her three sisters are a complete drain on society as a whole. The one sister that has any money is unfortunately just as sick and twisted as she is. What I am getting at is that neither she nor the people close to her are intelligent enough to make a plan and carry it out over a long period of time. I believe that M’s actions are evil. Where does evil come from?

Just think about that for a few moments and understand what happens when you allow this into your life.


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