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Well, a lot has happened since my last post.¬† It’s been a complete whirlwind that is just now starting to slow down. Before we had the chance¬† to file the motion for contempt, M screwed up yet again, but this time in a huge way. My daughter B had as seizure that M failed to inform me of until they had been released from the hospital. Then M has repeatedly lied about when she notified me. Get this, M sent me an e-mail to tell me my child had suffered a seizure (for those of you that haven’t read all my posts, I’m epileptic ). DOES THAT SEEM NORMAL IN ANY WAY????? What normal parent waits until their child has been released from the hospital to inform the other parent of a medical condition the he also suffers? I did get to see B for a short period of time the evening following her visit to the emergency room. Yes, she is fine but this is a big deal considering my medical history and the likelihood that she will suffer more seizures before a medication is found that keeps them under control. B was a bit timid when we visited, but we exchanged several hugs and get well cards, balloons and the like. She was all smiles! It was great just seeing and holding her for a few moments. I even got to meet M’s boyfriend (I have no idea what their relationship really is, but they are at least very close since the guy has been around several years now). He’s a nice guy, I like him just like B said I would.

So I am now fighting for medical updates which I have been told to relax and wait for by M. Sorry, but that’s difficult when what I have received is half true and a lot is left out. Can you believe M told me to call the doctor to get info! All that is still unfolding and I don’t know anything concrete yet, but I will keep you posted…pun intended. Just keep B in your prayers please. This has to be a scary and difficult situation for her to deal with. As if she didn’t already have enough on her plate now she has medical concerns! Which is the last thing I want for her, it sucks!

Well guess what, I’m still waiting! Well kinda anyway. As I said the contempt motion was filed on both the court ordered counseling and the failure to notify me of my daughter’s seizure. We had our court date, but apparently her attorney was nervous and asked what I wanted. I asked for stronger wording with a legal consequence (15 days in jail) for another instance of contempt. As I expected M went against her legal advice (yes, her attorney is stupid enough that he discussed it with her within ear shot of myself and my family! A real rocket scientist that one is!!) So another date was set so that all is in place and my side of things is a slam dunk. M continues to strengthen my case daily by refusing to communicate, etc.

Well, she does have B in counseling and that’s great news. I met the counselor and have full faith that she is as good as they come. This woman is extremely professional and obviously not willing to take sides. Which is exactly what B needs. So that took care of it’s self in a way. Yes M is in contempt for not following the custody order by notifying me and having the two of us agree on the counselor ordered, but B is in counseling so the end goal has been achieved.

The other aspect was the notification of the medical emergency. Well subpoenas went out to half the state and we have more than enough to win that particular case, however we continued it until next month for several reasons I cannot disclose here. So hence I am still waiting. At least it is by choice this time and not because I’m being forced to. There is a lot I could say to fill in the blanks, but I need to wait until we go to court. Until then, keep us in your prayers and I will update soon.